About Silicon Valley Japanese Entrepreneur Network (SVJEN)

SVJEN was established to create a Silicon Valley-based community of Japanese entrepreneurs and those who support their start-up activities. SVJEN provides active forums for exchange of ideas and information. We organize networking seminars and other events to support the Silicon Valley entrepreneur community.

Message to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the genesis of much of the world's economic activity. Because it is the starting point, those who venture to take that step often find themselves in a solitary battle. SVJEN provides a forum where entrepreneurs can meet one another, as well as business professionals, to share their experience and wisdom.

Entrepreneurs create the seeds of business. We encourage and support those who pursue their dreams and together, create a community to support those who take the first pioneering steps.

Message to future Entrepreneurs

There are couple keys to success: The mastering of the basic business know-how, the ability to gather relevant information, to make a decision and execute well. SVJEN strives to provide a forum that enables you to succeed. Interacting with those with similar aspirations is an important part of the process. We are here to support and encourage you in your new endeavors.

Message to the supporters

The success of a new venture relies on many people - consultants, lawyers, accountants, and other business professionals. With your help, a company in its infancy can quickly grow into a viable business. SVJEN provides a forum where you can network broadly with entrepreneurs, and learn the latest trends in Japan-related venture companies. We hope to provide an opportunity for you to work with the Japanese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

SVJEN was established by a group of business professionals to support Japanese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley in January 2002. Since its inception, SVJEN has been engaged in the following activities:

(1) Networking Seminar: held semi-annually, with average attendance of 150 participants. We invite venture industry leaders as guest speakers, and provide a networking opportunity. The event is held in English.

(2) Roundtable Sessions: held about 5 times per year. Audience limited to entrepreneurs or people seriously considering starting a business. The group is kept small, with no more than 30 participants.Each session consists of presentation by a speaker on a topic of interests and a roundtable discussion. The event is held in Japanese.

(3) Entrepreneur Talk Sessions: held approximately 4 times per year, with average attendance of 90 participants.Each session features a "testimonial" presentation by an entrepreneur, based on his/her experience. The event is held in Japanese.

(4) OthersInformation relevant to the venture industry provided through SVJEN's website and mailing list.